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Monthly Archives: July 2023


What Happens If Someone Dies, But There Is No Proof Of Death Or No Body?

By Samuel Ford Law |

When someone dies, their property should be administered according to their estate plan, or according to what a probate court says. There is often dispute and debate about who gets what, challenge to estate documents, or things that the probate court has to iron out, in order to transfer the property to whomever it… Read More »

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Long Term Care Planning In Your Estate Plan: What Are The Differences?

By Samuel Ford Law |

If you are creating an estate plan, one thing you may be considering is planning for long term care, and the expenses related to it. That may be care for you, or leaving money to help care for a loved one, if and when he or she needs long term care. Long Term Care… Read More »

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Health Care Directives And POLST Orders: What’s The Difference And Do You Need Both?

By Samuel Ford Law |

Many of us are aware of the importance of the documents that direct others as to our healthcare, when we get ill, or when we get too infirm or unable to make our own medical and healthcare decisions. But there is a lot of confusion about two different types of documents, that sound similar,… Read More »

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