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Monthly Archives: March 2023


Don’t Make These Mistakes In Your Powers Of Attorney

By Samuel Ford Law |

A financial power of attorney is an important document in your estate planning arsenal. This is a power of attorney (POA) that allows whomever you designate, to have full control over your financial affairs, in the event you aren’t able to do so for yourself. What Your POA Does A POA can be a… Read More »

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Why You May Want To Avoid California’s 120-Hour Rule

By Samuel Ford Law |

When we think of leaving property to others, we just assume that they will predecease us. But what if they don’t? Or, what if they live longer than we do—but only slightly longer? This kind of situation can create problems that can potentially be avoided by good, solid estate planning. The 120 Hour Rule… Read More »

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How Can You Avoid The Probate Process Completely?

By Samuel Ford Law |

One big benefit of good estate planning is avoiding the time, cost, and intrusion on privacy that often comes from the probate process. But when is probate actually required? Transfers of Property As a general rule, any property that can and must pass on its own through operation of law, or which has already… Read More »

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