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Monthly Archives: April 2024


Don’t Forget That Letter Of Last Instruction

By Samuel Ford Law |

Most of the documents that you will draft when creating your estate plan, will leave your assets or property to beneficiaries. But there is one document that isn’t for that purpose, but which is no less important than everything else in your estate plan. It’s called a letter of last instruction. Think of the… Read More »

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Separation, Legal Separation, And Your Estate

By Samuel Ford Law |

It would be ideal and easy, from a probate standpoint, if people were either married, or divorced. But reality says otherwise, because often, people separate—they are, for all practical purposes, divorced, and treat and consider themselves as such, but there is no legal document dissolving the marriage, at least, not yet. But because some… Read More »

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What Does A Trust Protector Do?

By Samuel Ford Law |

One of the great things about setting up a trust, is the ability to include conditions on who gets the assets of the trust, and when. So, for example, you could leave money to someone only if they graduate college, or money to someone so long as they continue to remain disabled, or money… Read More »

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